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Why Trading Losses Are Painful, And What You Can Do About It

Why Losses Are Painful, And What You Can Do About It

Let’s be clear: losses are not a problem. To look at them as problems is to take a wrong step. They’re part of this business. Everyone goes through them. You can’t avoid them. The best you can do is to minimise their impact through strategic risk management.

But, it’s true, even then, the act of taking a loss is inherently painful.

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A Top Reason Why Trading Is So Hard For You —In 60 Seconds

A Top Reason Why Trading is So Hard For You

As I sit back and reflect on my journey as a trader –where I was and where I am today– I can clearly point out the things I didn’t get right at first.

For instance, one of the fundamental lessons I’ve learned and come to accept is that control in the markets is an illusion.

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The Truth About Willpower Revealed *Hint- Alone It Won’t Make You A Profitable Trader*

Studies show that we’re fighting urges every second of every moment. And approximately half of the time we're losing the battle.

Let’s say you enter a trade, and minutes later, your stop-loss is close to being triggered. There are many things happening in your mind at that very moment.

Part of you knows you shouldn’t remove the stop-loss (that’s the more rational part of your mind), but there’s another part urging you to remove it – A.K.A the impulsive part of your mind.

The reason you end up removing the stop-loss is that you’re relying on willpower to save your butt.

But as we’ll see, this doesn’t work so well.

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