June 21

Top Tweets For Traders #1

By Yvan

Top Tweets For Traders

I like to use Twitter as a medium to think out loud on trading or life in general. I write in all good faith, to share some insights and hard-learned lessons.

Sometimes, the tweets turn out good, but sometimes not so much. I always feel it’s difficult to make sense in 280 characters (the maximum allowed), yet, paradoxically, I like the platform precisely for that reason – it’s simple and straight to the point.

Sharing is a win-win situation —one tweet at a time, I aspire to help you improve your trading, as well as live a better life… more peaceful and at ease with everything. But sharing also helps me gather knowledge, synthesize and consolidate it, and anchor it in my own mind.

In this post, I share some of my top tweets for the month — those that got the most Likes and interactions. And from now on, I’ll try to remember to do that once every month.

So this is Top Tweets For Traders #1.

Hopefully, those tweets help you find wisdom and think more deeply about trading; about the market; about life, and about the circumstances you find yourself in.


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