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Frequently Asked Questions

I love interacting with people. And since I’ve been running Trading Composure, I have answered thousands of emails and DMs from thousands of people worldwide.

As my online presence keeps growing, the sheer volume of questions I get on a daily basis has now made it impossible to tackle every single one of them personally.

So, I stopped.

But, to continue being as helpful as possible, I’ve compiled below my answer to the most common questions I receive.

Can you publish your track record or account statement to prove that you’re a consistent trader?

I am a consistent trader. At the moment, my track record is for clients only (a small group of family and friends) who are investing in my fund, and new potential ones.

That said, I want you to understand this: we live in the 21 century and track records are easily falsified (Fiverr, photoshop, etc.). If I was a huckster selling a get-rich-quick dream, that’s what I would do.

The fact is, I don’t sell a get-rich-quick dream. Never have, never will. You will never see me in Lambos selling you an idea of fast profit.

I don't sell trade calls, strategies... I don't even share my trades with the public. What I do share is my experiences with trading psychology. And you never even have to pay a dime for my content. My paid courses and coaching are for those who want more structured and hands-on help. But it’s basically the same content as the free content—not quite, but almost.

If you're skeptical, it's fine. Skepticism is good. Just stick to my free content, absorb what is useful to you and discard what isn't.

If you ever feel that I'm being fake and/or deceptive in any way, just unfollow/block/mute me and my brand. No hard feelings... life is inherently easy, but we make it so complicated. 

If you're a consistent trader, why are you in the trading education business?
If you're asking that question, I think you should open your mind a little more. Two things can be true at once. Helping struggling traders enriches my life in so many ways. First, it helps consolidate my own knowledge. What's more, the way I see it, we all exist in a web of interconnectedness. So, when you've successfully helped one person (to whatever extend), you also help everyone that person touches. Isn't that beautiful? So why shouldn't I do that? 

Also, in an ideal world, I wouldn't charge a penny for anything, but in the real world, certain things are time- and energy- consuming, so I have to charge. That said, all of my paid products and services are reasonably priced. I hate flimsy sales tactics like using scarcity and urgency to elicit FOMO. It's not me. I just focus on being authentic and helpful.

Do you teach any kind of trading strategies in your courses?

I don’t. Trading strategies are a dime in dozens on the internet. Plus, they’re not at all difficult to create. What’s important is finding/creating something that is statistically viable, that you are willing to follow, and that fits your own unique personality.

Richard Dennis, the famous commodity trader, once said: “I always say that you could publish trading rules in the newspaper and no one would follow them. The key is consistency and discipline.”

In my courses, I help you develop that consistency and discipline so that you can follow a strategy that fits your own unique personality and goals.

I have a small account. Can I make it as a trader?

Yes! But if you’re just starting out, you’re likely not ready to make a killing yet. You’ll likely make a lot of mistakes and focus on all the wrong things. Set some money aside for those costly lessons. And don’t lose hope. Try as much as possible to stay in the game. Focus on making (and keeping) 1-2 digit numbers in terms of profit per trade, with 1-2 digit numbers in terms of risk. Build up that consistency and confidence. Work on your mindset as well; I’m here for that–-check out my free resources, paid courses, and coaching.

By the way, I started trading in 2006 with about $100k. Over the course of 5 years, I burned it down to around 14k. And then I brought it back to 100k and beyond within a year. So yes, it's possible! But you'll have to take bigger risks--bigger risks mean higher odds of blowing up. I expand on that in this article.

What books/resources do you recommend?

Click here for a list of books I have found helpful on my journey to becoming a consistent trader.

Which tool/software/tech should I use?

It depends on what stage you are at. If you’re just getting started, choose low-cost (or free) technology or technology you already know how to use.

Don’t over-invest until you are actually making money!

Validate your ideas and skills before you go out and invest in a bunch of software.

I purchased your course(s), how do I log into my account?

You can do so my clicking on ‘Log in‘ in the top right corner of the screen.

Do you do refunds on your products and services?

No, I don’t do refunds. It’s a pain in the butt. Think carefully before you commit. I never use flimsy sales tactics to get people to buy anything from me. And all my products and services are reasonably priced. If you like what I share for free, you will like my paid products and services.

If you've purchased any of my digital courses or my coaching program and still haven't gotten the results you want, I'm willing to work with you within reason to help you achieve your goal. Reach out.

Will you promote my thing?

I’m sorry, I don’t promote anyone else’s products or services.

Can you trade for me?

I’m not the best trader vis-à-vis returns, but I’m very consistent. My 12-year track record has been reviewed by a third-party auditor. My annual return is ~ 20%—excluding 2021 which was an outlier year (~ 1000%) thanks to the addition of crypto to my portfolio.

At the moment, I trade for myself and a close circle of family and friends only. But I want to go bigger soon and possibly start a hedge fund based on the island of Mauritius, with a focus on emerging markets.

While I can’t guarantee that this vision will come to fruition, this is what I’m working towards. If you want to stay notified as to how things are evolving, sign up for my newsletter.

Can I use your videos/articles/social media content?

Yes please do! Attribution is greatly appreciated but not necessary.

Will you be on my podcast?

The quick answer is it depends.

I always like to discuss and share my knowledge and experiences. But I also speak with a stutter. Always have. And that stutter is exacerbated when I’m speaking to an interlocutor who is constantly cutting me off and not giving me the space to process my thoughts.

So, what I’m trying to say is that before I accept your invitation, I want to make sure that we’re a good fit—or else I’m just going to stumble on each word or sentence, it’s going to be an incoherent mess, and a real pain for the audience.

If you’re interested in having me on, email my assistant, and let’s figure out whether we’re a good fit.

Will you physically speak at my event?

It depends…

I’ve had an experience in the past where I was invited to speak at an event. I was promised there would be upward of 2000 attendants. Only 10 people showed up, and since it was an unpaid speaking gig, the flight, hotel expenses, and everything else came straight out of my pocket.

So, I’m more careful now.

If you really want me to speak at your event, email my assistant and let’s discuss it.

Do you accept guest posts?

I used to, but I don’t anymore.

Should I quit my job to become a full-time trader?

I don’t know. If you’re not making consistent money yet as a trader, then probably not.

It’s important to understand that trading won’t give you the kind of security that you might get with a time-clock-punching job.

To do well as a self-employed, self-directed trader, you need a rather high tolerance (emotional and financial) for uncertainty.

So, treat trading like a business, and expect uncertainty, loss, and stress.

When trading is approached as a job, one tends to expect a regular paycheck. But the market doesn’t hand paychecks, it delivers rewards and bonuses to those that are proficient at strategic risk-taking.

Maybe take the leap when you’ve replaced 60% to 70% of your salary and have a nice financial cushion (6-12 months’ worth of living expenses saved) to help you weather the ups and downs of the market.

I share some additional insights on this in an article I wrote. You might find it helpful.

What do you think of my trading strategy?

Candidly, I only look at the trading strategies of my students—those whom I’m coaching.

Also, it doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is what you think and do.

The strategy has to make sense statistically, in terms of its expected value, but it also has to espouse your own unique personality, or else you’ll just struggle following it.

Did you email or DM me with an offer to trade on my behalf?

There are scammers impersonating me to steal from you. Please be extra cautious! I want to remind you that I will never ask for personal information or money from you and I will never offer financial advice or promises of quick profits.

I never share my trades, to begin with; never give financial advice. I’m occasionally offered a lot of $$$ to shill products, services, crypto projects, etc. But I always turn down these offers because I want to ensure you’re protected from fraud and misinformation.

I also want my social media feeds to remain an island of calm and groundedness in a sea of FOMO and noise. So you can bet on it that I’m not going to do those things and then turn around and solicit money from you. Please (please!) be discerning.

What do you think of this trade/stock/crypto-currency, etc.?

I’m sorry, I don’t give financial advice. My work in the trading education arena centers on trading psychology.

I will never discuss charts and opinions on markets—it’s not that those are irrelevant, but everyone trades a different method and timeframe, and I won’t add confusion, doubt, and noise to your process with my directional biases.

Learn to think for yourself; learn to catch your own fish. Start now! This is key if you want to have a long-lasting trading career. You have to work on developing your independence of thought.

Where can I find a coach/mentor?

I can be that for you. But there’s a waitlist.

Will you review my book?

Sure, send it over.

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