A Simple Meditation for These Uncertain Times

By Yvan

A Simple Meditation for These Uncertain Times

With what’s currently going on in the world and in the markets, those are clearly uncertain times we are going through.

And it’s very easy to get caught up in emotions and mind states that are extremely challenging and difficult.

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If these outside circumstances are out of our control, then it is up to us to change our attitudes toward them–as the saying goes, you cannot change the wind, but you can surely adjust your sails.

For this week’s post, I’ve asked my good friend Laetitia Jacquouton (Yoga and Meditation instructor at Modo Yoga Montreal) to record an impromptu meditation to help you deal with the current uncertainty in the world, so that you can remain present with what you’re feeling, be free of confusion, and cultivate composure.

Uncertainty is natural, yet we can maintain our sanity in the midst of this.

Like still and unperturbed water in a lake, when our mind is clear, peaceful, and calm, we can see the depths below.

But when our mind is disturbed, it’s very easy to get caught up in the turbulence.

Enjoy the meditation, and I wish you a productive week in the market.

I am away on an intensive silent meditation retreat until the end of the month. If you try to reach me, know that I’ll probably take some time to get back to you. I apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, enjoy my posts and tweets — they are scheduled in advance and going out at specific times as usual.


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