I had always struggled with the psychological aspect of trading. Early this year I decided to do something about it after muddling for 2 years. I had the pleasure of meeting Yvan in April in Frankfurt and immediately I was surprised to see how calm, kind and mild mannered he was as a person. He was very patient during the 2 sessions. I can't say I'm off the hook yet but I definite l have the tools now to put me on the right track. I would recommend Yvan to anyone. 

Emile H J

Trading Composure is THE reference in trading psychology. I like that Yvan provides concrete answers to my trading psychology issues. It's not overly technical or overly simplistic, it's straight to the point and highly practical. I would specially recommend his mindfulness course for traders. I found it very helpful. It has made me a better trader for sure. On the whole, yes I would recommend Trading Composure to any aspiring trader who is serious about being a long term winning. 


Jim Hickinbottom  The trading for a living course by Trading Composure. This is the one I would recommend. All the others you mentioned are money-grabbing schemes by marketers, not traders. lol Take this course and learn something real. And thank me later.

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Skyler Johan Just read a wonderful article on Trading Composure. It's like the dude lives in my head and knows exactly where I'm at in my trading.?

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Ibrahim Abdool Hey Yvan, just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful course. It was eye-opening. Definitely the best education money I've spent this year. ?


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Yvan digs deeper into what really matters - the inner game of trading.

Matt Thomas - @MattThomasTP

Yvan is one of the greatest trading psychology teachers of our time. Without his wisdom in the form of social media posts, blog articles, books, YouTube videos, and courses, I think I would still be flailing and failing in the markets. His insights in regard to probabilistic thinking, risk management, and mindfulness have helped me transition from losing trader to breakeven trader to profitable trader - all without ever sharing a specific watch list, trade alert, or anything else that the typical trading guru tries to make you think is important. While others teach a fairly limited surface-level approach, Yvan digs deeper into what really matters - the inner game of trading. This depth of self-awareness and self-control is what separates the calm, balanced, structured, and consistently profitable traders from the anxious, impulsive, irrational, and inconsistent traders. I’ve personally experienced dozens of trading courses, programs, and services over the years - and rarely does one legitimately teach the proper trading mindset. They might vaguely mention that you need to 'control your emotions' or 'stay disciplined', but nobody provides the kind of practical mindfulness education that Yvan does at Trading Composure. Overall, his integrity is unmatched within the trading education industry. He doesn’t go around boasting about his own gains just to boost his own ego and try to sell you something. Instead, he’s completely honest about the realities of trading and what it takes to pursue it at a serious level - without it becoming an emotional and financial rollercoaster ride. While most traders ignore it, deny it, or fail to even realize it, trading is predominantly a mental discipline. It’s a blessing that there are individuals like Yvan sharing their experiences and wisdom in order to help struggling traders develop stability of mind and an overall winning approach. His insights are invaluable for traders of all levels around the world.

Crypto Adeline @CryptoAdeline  10h

You've definitely helped my psychology of trading. Although I've been trading small sizes as per your recommendation, the profits have been fairly consistent. Looking forward to the next level.




Julian Komar @BlogJulianKomar  Nov 4

I follow your work for years and I am a big fan of your tweets, book and course. ? YOU ARE AWESOME!




CryptOwl?GalacticLuna @trustowl2crypto  Feb 24

Traders, if you're wanting to understand what is stopping you from being successful read @yvanbyeajee books, short, concise, effective



Yvan, I've read many books on trading psychology in my 25-plus years as a trader, and [Paradigm Shift] is definitely one of the best. I might also add that your approach to trading psychology is very similar to my own. [...] I congratulate you for producing a fine book that I think will actually help anyone who reads it, particularly if they haven't examined the psychological side of their trading process.


I find your writings valuable and insightful. 

Steve 'slim' miller

[Your work is] a great introduction to the awareness that is needed to become a profitable trader.

Dr. Van K. Tharp 

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