May 31, 2021

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I’m a trader, and I’m very fortunate to be doing what I do for a living.

Financial Markets are such an interesting playground. Whether the issues at hand are possible shifts in global monetary policies, geopolitical tensions, natural disasters, great depressions, great recoveries, gridlocks in Washington, there’s always something for traders to capitalize on.

It’s a real privilege to be able to think about these worldly events, strategize around them, assess where the risk and opportunity are, and make money and live a well-rounded life.

Now, I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t always trading profitably. I began in 2006, and right from the start, it was an uphill battle for me. I had good days, I had bad days, but overall, I was mostly losing. I was an average trader… and average traders lose money.

Trading is not like investing where you can be average and still do well. Trading is a contrarian endeavor by nature—generally, people have a difficult time doing it because the rapidity of market feedback is too much for us to bear, psychologically.

So, to do well as a trader, you have to be an outlier. An outlier is someone who can do certain things (within a specific field) that others can’t do –or won’t do.

The good news is that we can all learn that. Absolutely! But often at a great personal cost.

Personally, it’s only after a lot of effort, dead-ends, and pain that I was able to figure out what works and, as a result, slowly chart the profitable path I’m currently walking.

That aside, a few years ago, in 2016, I was starting to get noticed online, and more and more people began asking me how I was living off of my trades and investments. So, that same year, I decided to release a course: The Trading for a Living Course.

My aim with this course was to give an honest overview of how I operate my trading business by letting people peek under the hood.

However, over time I saw that the course wasn’t getting the success I was hoping for. It didn’t get much engagement, and to this date, the completion rate stands at 61%–which means that close to half of the people who enrolled in the course didn’t complete it.

Contrast that with the Trading Psychology Mastery Course’s 93% completion rate and the Psychology of Risk for Traders’ 99% completion rate and you can quickly see how the Trading for a Living Course just wasn’t getting the traction I had hoped.

Essentially, I had released a product that most people didn’t like enough to fully complete. And it made me feel awful because I felt I had overpromised and underdelivered.

The Trading for a Living Course 2.0

On June 28th, the Trading for a Living Course is getting a major update. The old lessons will be removed and new ones will be added. So this will be a completely new course.

The branding of the course will change. Currently, it’s Trading for a Living: Create a Lucrative Trading Business, Travel the World, and Work for less than 20h/week. The soon-to-be-updated course will be named: Trading for a Living: Manage Risk, Live a Life of Self-Growth, and Turn Your Passion into Profits.

Even the quality of the video lessons will improve –a team of professionals is currently in charge of that.

This time, my goal is to release a product that people will like, that I’m fully satisfied with and that I can be proud of.

This completely new course is for those that want to learn how to run a successful trading business and live off their money.

It showcases proven best practices to take you from a clueless amateur to a money-making professional trader.

Many people will tell you it’s not possible to trade for a living. But personally, I’m not of this opinion because I myself do it–and have been at it for a number of years.

That said, there are many things you don’t want to be naive about, and in this course, I will pull back the curtain on that.

To be clear, this course is not about wishful thinking, but about applying rational evidence-based practices that casinos use to keep the odds in their favor.

Rather than sharing a trading strategy, what I really want to help you accomplish here is to adopt a mindset that helps you go through your own unique trading journey with more structure, confidence, and ease.

In essence, in this course, you’re going to learn how to get rich slowly.

The three consistent themes of the Trading for a Living Course 2.0 are:

1. Treating trading like a real business

2. Survival (risk and money management)

3. Self-mastery.

Trading for a living is very fulfilling and potentially very profitable ONLY if you’re doing it right. And most people get it wrong. But in this course, I will lay down the foundations for you to get it right.

This is not your typical trading for a living course –like the ones you see online with a beautiful picture of a person lying on a beach with their laptop and cocktail in hand. No… actually, my goal here is to offer something that’s realistic and inspirational, minus the pipe dream.

Again, what we’ll look at how to set up a proven process (akin to the one that casinos use to keep the odds in their favor) and how to get yourself to actually follow it.

Let me tell you what this course is not about: once again, It’s not about a trading strategy or system. I won’t show you how to create one, how to read charts, place a trade, etc. The prerequisite before taking this course is that you should know the basics of trading–technical analysis, risk management, execution, etc.–and ideally, you should already have a trading system.

If you don’t have one, I’ll be sharing a few of them soon, so stay tuned for that… but the Trading for a Living Course is really about the structure that you need to put in place to make trading for a living possible and stay on the path of profitability.

There are many courses that purport to teach you a trading strategy that will deliver winning trades after winning trades. But where these courses fall short is by not teaching you the most important part which is the process that keeps you from sabotaging your results because of emotions, ego, or ignorance.

In this course, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you. We’ll see:

– How to think like someone who trades for a living

– Why success is a plan, not a fickle fantasy

– A blueprint to consistently be on the right side of the market

– A tool to quantify your trading strategy

– How to figure out the risk management profile that works for you

– The best risk strategies for small trading accounts

– What consistency of outcome means

– A methodical approach to improving your game

– The importance of cash reserves

– The right business structure for you

– How to leverage your expertise

And many many more!

I’m going to cover a ton of insights and share many actionable pieces of advice with you, and you’ll get a more holistic view of what trading for a living entails and how to make it happen for real.

In this course, I’ll share a lot of the little adjustments that I’ve had to make here and there that have made all the difference for me. And as you’ll see, a lot of it isn’t mainstream in the trading world. Honestly, I don’t know why… but I want to share them with you so that you too can make those little adjustments and raise your odds of success.

All in all, I’m designing this course to be highly insightful. And I also want it to be inspirational.

If you’ve already enrolled in the course, the new content will be live on June 28th. Nothing is required on your end, just log in anytime on or after that date and enjoy the new content.

For those who haven’t enrolled yet, maybe consider doing it now. You’ll get to see the old content before it gets deleted and enjoy the completely new content when it’s out on June 28th. Here’s a $50-off coupon to help you get started: NEWTFALC

Hope you enjoyed this preview of the Trading Composure Newsletter.

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