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"Yvan has a deep understanding of trading psychology, but not in an overly academic kind of way; in fact, his lessons are easy to grasp and implement. All in all, I benefitted a lot from our work together."

Guy Harry - Trader


Imagine being thrown into an arena with some of the world’s most intelligent, well-equipped, well-researched, and well-funded people. And in some way, they’re your direct competitors.

Your money is on the line… heck, your life is on the line!

This is what trading is. The only way to survive and thrive in this arena is by working hard on joining the elite club of consistent traders.

And ideally, you shouldn’t do that work alone.

Why Work With A Coach?

A good coach or mentor will give you plenty of returns on investment by first giving you a proven structure to improve.

Most traders struggle because they don’t have that structure. Often, they have a winning trading strategy, yes, but still they fail to abide by it. They take trades willy-nilly and emotionally; they don’t consider the impact of uncertainty and have no real concern for position sizing or an exit strategy.

It’s a “make money at all cost” mentality, and that works very well in business and elsewhere, but not in trading where uncertainty is omnipresent.

To be a successful trader, you have to be able to consistently stick with your trading rules day in and day out, in the very midst of confusion and uncertainty.

This means that you have to: 1.) squash the voice of doubt and hesitation within you; 2.) learn to deal with the finality of a loss on the downside; 3.) know when to take profits on the upside; 4.) make peace with the fact that you will have periods of underperformance; and 5.) make peace with the fact that you will leave money on the table.

Only when you’ve fully prepared for “what could go wrong” can you then take full advantage of the opportunities in the market. This is easily understood by each and all, but extremely difficult to internalize and implement.

That’s where a good coach comes in–they can get you viscerally connected to those concepts in a way that’s very difficult to do alone.

Who Am I? And Why I Can Help You!

My name is Yvan Byeajee– I’m a market veteran with almost two decades of experience as a trader. But I’m not your typical trader… I believe that trading is a mental game and that most people blow up and walk away because they fail to realize this. I’ve been featured in numerous media–Forbes, Marketwatch, Benzinga, etc.–and I’m also a contributor.

As a trader, I’ve done pretty well for myself over the years, and nowadays I manage a fund for a small group of investors. I’ve been very fortunate to achieve the level of success that I have in trading, not because of my superior predictive skills but because everything that I do as a trader centers around the embrace of uncertainty.

And nowadays, aside from trading, I help aspiring consistent traders develop a winning trading psychology.

I’m a work in progress myself, to be completely honest. But I like to think that I’m far enough in my own journey that I can provide some useful insights and feedback to help you make giant leaps of progress toward consistency in a record period of time.

I Can Shorten Your Path To Consistency

Let me be clear: a trading coach is really absolutely not crucial to your success. Nobody will tell you this, but here I am telling you straight: If you can stay in the game and focus on learning, eventually you’ll grow more skillful as a trader. It’ll take the time it takes, but ultimately, you’ll get there.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and I myself know this to be true. I reached my trading goals without a formal coach or mentor. But it took me about 5 years to develop my trading psychology game—one that works for me, not against me.

So again, yes you can make it without a coach, but the real question is, how much time do you want it to take? How much money do you want to waste in the process? How much pain do you want to go through? A good coach can speed up your development and shorten your path to success–and I can absolutely be that person for you!

The usual trading psychology stuff out there is too generic and too surface-level. Everyone copies and teaches a very similar approach. And it's not impactful; it doesn’t work!

My trading psychology approach works! Of course, there is no such thing as a guarantee when it comes to personal work because not everyone is ready (truly ready!) to do the work. But still I would say, I have a high success rate of turning losing traders into consistent ones, which is not nothing in an endeavor where most people lose.

My approach comes from a deep understanding of what what works and what doesn't. I've spent years testing that approach and refining it. Within a few sessions, I can help you get clear on what is holding you back and what you need to fix to transform your trading.

I will also provide you with the accountability you need to get the results you want—and fast!

What Others Have Said About Our Work Together

Through your guidance and coaching, I have been able to develop a more disciplined approach to trading and have seen a significant improvement in my results.


Yvan is a kind, patient, and authentic [person] [...] My sessions with him really helped me contextualize a lot of things, mainly where my issues were coming from.


Yvan is such a sweet soul and a person with high integrity [...] he helped address some of my issues in the market and was very patient. [He] has definitely helped improve the way I trade and invest in shares.


I highly recommend Yvan as a trading psychology coach. He helped me understand the importance of embracing losses [...] That was massively impactful for me.


What Our Sessions Will Look Like

During our coaching sessions, we review your trading strategy, identify issues in your strategy and/or your mental game, and I give you advice on how to stay consistent.

I also provide a listening ear, insights on managing your emotions, and all in all, a concrete step-by-step plan on how to fix what's holding you back in trading.

This is just a basic overview. We tackle much more!

Reviewing your strategy

We'll make sure you have a positive expectancy strategy/system.

Uncertainty and risk control

We'll have ample discussions on the concept of uncertainty and risk control.

Identifying what's holding you back

Is it an issue with your strategy? Is it an issue with your mindset? We'll set up a clear plan to fix it.

Managing emotions

I'll help you develop a carefree state of mind so that you can begin to trade the market according to where it's at, and not based on your emotions.

I had been struggling with my trading for a long time before I decided to seek out Yvan's coaching services. He was able to help me develop a bias toward survival, which is so so important in trading. He also helped me understand my own thought patterns better, and this gave me the insights I needed to make better decisions. Yvan has a deep understanding of trading psychology, but not in an overly academic kind of way; in fact, his lessons are easy to grasp and implement. All in all, I benefitted a lot from our work together.

Guy Harry (StoicTrades)

Ready For Trading Consistency?

Once again, a coach is not crucial to your development as most trading psychology troubles naturally get ironed out with practice and repeated exposure. But the question is, when do you want to achieve your goal?

If you said “very soon”, then work with me, and let’s make it happen together!

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