Trading Psychology Mastery Course

Trade with equanimity and non-resistance

What is this course about?

This course will help you develop and cultivate an unparalleled  balance of mind at all times when you trade, and so, trading errors, whether they’re impulse-based or otherwise, regardless of their cause, will be ERADICATED!

Is this course for you?

If you:

* Trade on impulses (consistently buy or sell where you shouldn’t; exit your winners too soon; let your losers rides; freeze when you’re supposed to buy or sell)

* Engage in compulsive trading

... This course is for you!

Why this course works?

90% of the trading psychology content available on the internet offer you superficial answers to a problem that is at its core pervasive and intricate. In this course, we will make an operation right at the deepest levels of the mind (the unconscious mind) and, through experiential understanding you will come to understand some profound truths about your mind, the markets, and how those two interact with each other.

What are the results?

This is a 2-week course, and if you can commit to it wholehearted, you will begin to gain insights into the way you live and think. You will see how this is affecting your trading results. You will see how you are seeing the market through your own set of filters, and not for what it truly is. The barriers we face in our trading are always a function of the stories we tell ourselves. You will learn to calm your mind and to drop beneath the stories. You will begin to disarm emotions leading to an experience of trading that is fluid and without resistance. Sometimes shifts are dramatic and sometimes gradual, but you should be able to bear witness to those changes in your behavior and your outlook within a month after having taken this course..; but this can only be maintained and improved upon if you keep practicing (day-in, day-out) the technique I will be teaching you.

How much is this course?

3000 dollars... Not!!

300? Nope!

30 bucks! That... is... it! For a 2 week home study program that's an amazing deal if you ask me. But wait a minute... the price will go up to 200 dollars 24 hours after the course is released. So make sure you lock in that 30 dollar deal during that 24 hour time period.

When will this course be available?

End of August

Enroll if:

• You think you might be up for the challenge -- and it will be a challenge, that I promise!
• If you want to learn more about yourself. By ‘conquering’ yourself, you will conquer the markets
• If you are serious about your trading career (and your life).

And above all, only those who feel that they can honestly and scrupulously follow the technique should get the course. Those not prepared to make a determined effort will waste their time.

A prospective student should also understand that it would be both disadvantageous and inadvisable to stop the course upon finding the discipline too difficult or not comfort to what was expected.

Link to enroll will be posted at the end of August