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Mindfulness-Based Trading Psychology Solutions


"Develop Consistency, Stability of Mind, and Improve Your Trading Performance..."

This can virtually guarantee your success in trading.

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The Trading Composure Trading Psychology Solutions Have Helped Thousands of Traders Worldwide Get The Results They Want Out of Trading–are you next?

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Trading Composure Meditations

These meditations will complement your other focused efforts to win the mental game of trading.

Trading Composure Books

Trading Composure books to further your learning.

Paradigm Shift

For beginners, intermediate, or advanced

Learn to weather the ups and downs of trading with stability.

Zero to Hero

For beginners, intermediate, or advanced

Part autobiography, part trading psychology manual.

Trading Psychology In One Skill

For beginners, intermediate, or advanced

A manual on how to let go of bad trading habits.

Trading Composure Courses

These courses have helped 1000s of people improve their trading psychology and performance.

The Psychology of Risk

For beginners, intermediate, or advanced

A philosophical talk on risk.

Trading Psychology Mastery C.

For beginners, intermediate, or advanced

Develop a trader's mindset.

The Trading For A Living Course

For beginners, intermediate, or advanced

Running a trading business.


See what others are saying...

I deeply appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your website and on Twitter.

Sudhanshu P.

I'm not a trader per se I'm an engineer and a digital asset investor ... People underestimate how hard it is to hold volatile assets. When things get tough for me, Trading Composure is my go-to resource.

Guy H. @Stoictrades

... thank you for what you are doing my friend. I'm 4 years into this trading business and it's been a tough go, your posts keep the fire burning for me.

Lover Fighter Trader

The Trading Psychology Mastery Course has helped me understand myself and the market, it's made a world of difference.

Jane Tatum

I deeply appreciate everything that you put out there. You're a godsend, Yvan!

Jon. D.

Your trading psychology course has definitely been a game-changer. I'm calmer, more focused on the process, and I keep flipping the metaphorical weighed coin. So far, the results are very promising!


I have a trading strategy and it's profitable on paper. But when trading it with real money, I get short-sighted and impulsive. Your meditations are helping a lot.

Praveen G.

Thank you for all your time and hard work that you give us. Your insight has helped not only my trading but my personal life, thank you.


... got coached by Yvan (one on one) back in 2015 when he was still offering that. Yvan is such a sweet soul and a person with high integrity. We met in my home in Germany, he helped address some of my issues in the market and was very patient. He gave much more than I paid for ... and has definitely helped improve the way I trade and invest in shares.

Hanna T. Widera

I just wanted to say thank you, brother, for your trading psychology mastery course, it has opened my eyes or my mind's eye rather, to a new way of viewing risk and thinking in purely a probabilistic manner with the numbers game that is, trading the financial markets. Thank you!

Jason L.

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