Breaking Free From The Mind Movie

Just as in the movie theater, there is “you” watching a movie, in your head there is “you” watching your mind.

In the previous post, You Are Not Your Mind!, I explained how there is a “mind,” and then an “observer of mind.” 

In this week’s post, I offer an analogy that will help consolidate the ideas expressed in that post (read it before you read this one).

The analogy…

Suppose you go to the theater to watch a movie. You’re there, sitting comfortably and the opening credits suddenly appear on the screen.

You’re getting ready for what’s about to show up, analyzing the music, then comes the first scene, and you’re evaluating the actors.

If the movie is especially good, you quickly forget that you’re watching it. You get lost in it because it’s captivating you to such an extent.

Does this ever happen to you?

I’m sure it does.

Just as in the movie theater where there is “you” watching a movie, in your head, there is “you” watching your mind.

Here’s the thing…. Your mind is like that movie. Just as in the movie theater where there is “you” watching a movie, in your head, there is “you” watching your mind.

And like a great piece of cinema, most of the time, most of us are completely absorbed in the movie playing in our heads — the thoughts and the emotions, they’re all being served up in a constant stream.

The mind, however, is anything BUT an ordinary movie. It’s an Oculus Rift – 3D IMAX – full-on Dolby Digital epic motion directly beaming into your head. And it’s been playing since birth.

No wonder we’re not even seeing that we’re watching a movie. We’re so accustomed to it!

It’s a lifetime of habit, and no one’s ever told us, “Hey man, you’re watching a movie.”

Instead, we’re told implicitly or not: “This is reality.”

On top of that, what makes it so difficult for us to pull ourselves out of the “mind movie” is that it never ends – the movie keeps on playing until the end of our lives.

So, before we can break free from the mind movie, we must learn to see that there is a “mind movie”, to begin with, and that most of the time we’re lost in it. The movie can’t be stopped, unfortunately, but, with the former understanding, comes the capacity to choose which part of the movie we want to watch.

We can say “I’m not going to watch that movie today”, or “I’m gonna choose which part I wanna watch.” This is the first step to mastery of mind. And this mastery of mind — the ability to disengage from our own mind movie — is the basis for tremendous success in life.

With the understanding [that there is a movie playing in our heads], comes the capacity to choose which part of the movie we want to watch.

Sometimes the movie can be a feel-good family comedy: funny memories, pleasant thoughts, hopeful dreams…. In these times, the adage “Your mind is your best friend” makes perfect sense.

But other times, the movie is depressingly sad — thoughts of despair, depression, hopelessness, pain. In these times, it’s easy to see how the mind can, in fact, be your worst enemy.

It can be difficult to reason with habitual thought patterns. They seem to just appear out of nowhere. That’s the way the “mind movie” works. Remember, it’s always playing, and most of the time the movie is so intense that it captures us fully.

But there is a way around that. In the Trading Psychology Mastery Course, we learn to see how you can begin to detach yourself from the “mind movie.”

Imagine what awaits you if you can willfully choose which part of the movie you want to watch?

Imagine what this means in terms of your capacity to trade effectively?

I’ll let you think of that. And in the meantime, I’ll let you know that you get 25% off if you get the Trading Psychology Mastery Course and The Trading For A Living bundle.


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