“The human side of every person is the greatest enemy of the average investor or speculator.” ~ Jesse Livermore
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Transform Your Market Performance With This Simple Shift

Our perception ultimately becomes the world that we inhabit.

It’s not the markets that throw us lemons, it’s what we do with them.

Keep this in the back of your mind…

Now imagine you wake up in the morning and you witness a huge gap down in the market – way below your stop. The gap is so large that your trading account is reduced to rubbles.

I know… pretty extreme. But I’m just trying to make a point, so bear with me…

Ok, so you’re traumatized for life!

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You Won’t Stop Making Trading Errors Until You Do This

Body Awareness- The doorway out of the prison of blind reactivity

We’ve all done it before… we have a plan, we come in the market well prepared, but then, we end up behaving in ways that are destructive.

It hurts! So, naturally, we resolve to behave differently in the future.

The entrenched belief is that the way to change behavior A is to begin behavior B.

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How To Practice Effectively

Mastering any skill takes practice. Practice is the repetition of an action with the goal of improvement, and it helps us perform with more ease, speed, and confidence. But what does practice actually do to make us better at things? This 5-minute Ted Ed video explains how practice affects the inner workings of our brains.

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The Best Skill Traders Need To Cultivate Right Now

Concentration and emotional regulation is a foundational skill of the pro-trader and a training which should improve this faculty would be the education par excellence

90% of you will read the title of this post, and think you’ve figured out the content.

55% will read the blog post for 15 seconds or less.

Only about 10% will read it thoroughly.

A recent study confirmed this.

But what’s at play here?

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How I Became Consistent In Forex…

Trading is all about accepting losses...

This is a guest post by

Consistency is the one skill that every aspiring trader desires to achieve. It is also the most difficult to master. However, with the correct tools and knowledge, anyone can enter the arena of trading and succeed.

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Viktor E. Frankl’s Take On Success

Food for thought from Viktor E. Frankl.

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The Truth About Willpower Revealed *Hint- Alone It Won’t Make You A Profitable Trader*

Studies show that we’re fighting urges every second of every moment. And approximately half of the time we're losing the battle.

Let’s say you enter a trade, and minutes later, your stop-loss is close to being triggered. There are many things happening in your mind at that very moment.

Part of you knows you shouldn’t remove the stop-loss (that’s the more rational part of your mind), but there’s another part urging you to remove it – A.K.A the impulsive part of your mind.

The reason you end up removing the stop-loss is that you’re relying on willpower to save your butt.

But as we’ll see, this doesn’t work so well.

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Back To Basics. How To Go through Losses Without Losing Your Mind

Be like water and you will know what harmony is

Sometimes a short story can teach much more than an entire book.

In today’s post, I want start by sharing the story of a young martial arts student who was under the tutelage of a famous master.

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