Please don’t take this as a case of “look how much money I make… look how awesome I am”, rather use it for inspiration and trust that this is something you too can achieve, and hopefully with far better results that you see on display here.

Now, I see you coming…

“How are you getting those numbers?”

I’m adding all the streams of revenue that my trading business generates on a month to month basis and I’m using the same period of the previous year to compare it to. For instance, in January this year, I was up 78% more than last year, and so I am outperforming.


“Those numbers are too impressive… Smells fishy.”

Fair enough, I completely understand the skepticism. But what if I showed EXACTLY how I’m able to engineer such a performance from my trading business?

I do that in my Trading For A Living course. We go through all the numbers; I provide you with a complete report (actual screenshots) – you’ll get to see how much I make on average on a month to month basis and I’ll show you my complete method so that you can do it too.

The method works! It’s been working for me for a few years now and has guaranteed me a consistent and predictable monthly income no matter the current flavor of the markets. And I know for fact, this same method is working for a lot of people out there, and it will work for you too if you follow the blueprint I set for you in the course.

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