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Replacing fear-based reactions with mindful responses

So I guess I’m making it a ritual to share a passage from a book or a quote every week…

I like it! And I hope you do too.

I’m always amazed by how much I’ve learned about trading from books that are not trading-related. They’ve provided me with the deepest insights into my own behavior.

Here’s this week’s quote:

Fear is the root cause of mindless living. When your mode of living is characterized by fear-based reactions, you’ll find yourself disconnected from the actual flow of your experiences, from others, and from your own thoughts and feelings. The practice [meditation] will help you become more familiar with your mind and you’ll get to recognize when fear is in control, which inevitably causes you to react rather than respond. When you’re equipped with this awareness, you’ll begin to see how spacious presence decreases the tendency to fall into fear-based, mindless reactions. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

This statement might sound profound or extremely obvious to you, but it comes down to this:

And simple actions like mindful awareness of your body, for instance, or, slowing down your breathing rate, or even relaxing the muscles of your face, can affect the activity in your brain.

These neurophysiological/neurochemical changes provoked by such simple actions can be long-lasting, especially if the actions form part — and are assembled into — a habit.

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I've been trading for a living since 2006. By merging mindfulness (an in-depth study of the mind and its tendencies in the present moment), a good trading process, and an efficient business practice, I went from being a losing trader to a consistently profitable one. Through my work here at Trading Composure, I aim at helping you do the same.
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