I am not taking requests for one on one individual coaching at the moment — I am only taking requests for seminars or workshops. I will update this if anything changes

Seminar for trading firms

The traders who are able to cultivate a certain balance of mind are the ones who will produce superior results over time for your firm. During this seminar, I will teach your traders how not to internalize market action. We will also see how they can develop and maintain equanimity in the midst of fast-moving markets, uncertainty, and losses.

Topics for a typical 1-hour seminar are as follows:

✔ Why most people fail at trading and investing
✔ Understanding the real nature of markets
✔ Understanding yourself and the nature of the human mind
✔ An effective tool for amazing results
✔ Practical exercise
✔ Q&A

For a workshop ( a full day) we will dive much deeper into those topics, and as we progress through the workshop, step by step we will consolidate what has been understood intellectually through practical exercises

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Trading Is A Mental Game!

In the Trading Psychology Mastery Course, I teach traders how to manage their emotions, think in probabilities, and develop a quality of non-attachment.

Those are TREASURES on the path to consistency.