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The Most Important Thing A Trader Can Have — It’s Not What You Think

The Most Important Thing A Trader Can Have -- It's Not What You Think

In today’s post, I’m going to talk about the single most important thing you need in your life if you want to be successful, in and out of the market.

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A Top Reason Why Trading Is So Hard For You —In 60 Seconds

A Top Reason Why Trading is So Hard For You

As I sit back and reflect on my journey as a trader –where I was and where I am today– I can clearly point out the things I didn’t get right at first.

For instance, one of the fundamental lessons I’ve learned and come to accept is that control in the markets is an illusion.

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Extremely Short Guide – How To Become An Emotionally Stable Trader (really)

We think we react to events in the outside world, to memories, thoughts of future, etc., but in fact, in each and every moment, we are constantly reacting to sensations within our body.

This is an extremely short and straight to the point guide to becoming an emotionally stable trader.

I won’t bore you with the same old platitudes – control your risk, don’t overtrade, follow your plan…

Those are all very important. But you all know that, right?

Ok, great… What else is new?

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Distractions and trading performance: what you should know

You can't do big things if you're distracted by small things

A wise millionaire trader once told me this:

“Anyone who can do something else (text or surf the internet for example) while trading is simply not giving the trade the attention it deserves.”

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Past/future obsession: How it’s killing your trading performance

Alan Watts was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known for translating and popularizing Eastern philosophies for a Western audience.

Below is an insightful quote from him…

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7 ways mindful traders have a psychological edge in the markets

Consistency is in your mind
When you can quiet your mind, and be quiet in your mind, you will eventually come to realize that you are not quite your mind….

[Download the infographic]

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6 lessons my meditation practice taught me about trading the markets

Mindfulness dissolves the walls that mindlessness builds

I’ve been a trader since late 2006. I run my trading business full-time and that is how I make my living. I’ve learned more in the past 10 years than I have at any other point in my life, and I expect the lessons, the mistakes, the failures, and the successes (all intimately intertwined) to continue.

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