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How To Trade Using The Do-Nothing Technique

How To Trade Using The Do-Nothing technique

Doing nothing can be an awful waste of time, or it can be the most productive thing you can ever do.

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The Most Common Obstacle To Trading Mastery, And Its Antidote

In trading, patience is not just a virtue. It’s gold! Sometimes you can accomplish the most by doing nothing.

Impatience is one of the most common forms of resistance to the practice of good trading.

In a way, it represents your mind’s attempts to hold on, to solve a problem where there is none, thereby creating one in that process.

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14 Qualities Good Traders Have That Most People Don’t Get

How you trade reveals what you think of yourself and how you live your life.

Being a good trader is about developing certain mental qualities. It is the process of constantly pushing yourself to grow stronger and better.

A profitable trader is not necessarily a good trader. Likewise, a good trader is also not necessarily a profitable one, yet a good trader ultimately finds himself with a much higher probability of being profitable/ of finding success in the long run.

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