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An Amazing 2017

An Amazing 2017

Start 2017 on the right track with this new Trading For A Living Course

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled a lot with trading.

You’ve been wondering how some people are able to make a living trading the markets, but so far, the answer has remained elusive….

I’m here to change all of that, one small step at a time.

My name is Yvan Byeajee, creator of Trading Composure, author, trader, and I’ve discovered throughout the years how to make a living doing what I love (trading) — and I am now able to return a consistent monthly income from my trading business.

In my new course, Trading For A Living: Create A Lucrative Trading Business, Travel the World, And Work For Less Than 20h/week, I show you how I do this; I give you access to my trading business template so that you can see what is working for me. You can, then, replicate it, if you want to, or you can modify some of the ideas I will show you and taking your business in an entirely new direction… It’s up to you.

This course will put you lightyears ahead…

Maybe you don’t have a lot of experience in this business, maybe you do; maybe you’ve lost a ton of money in trading, maybe you’ve made a ton of money… whatever your current situation, I will show how to maximize your profits from your trading business. I will show you how I am creating a reliable source of income while reducing the amount of time I spend trading — and how you can too! So that you can start enjoying your life.

This course is about making money, of course, but it is much more than that. On top of showing you the ins and outs of my business, I also show you how to maximize your experience of trading… make this whole thing enjoyable and effortless.

If you apply the main ideas that I share with you in this course, 2017 will be an amazing year. I firmly believe that.

Click here and check out the course description

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I've been trading for a living since 2006. By merging mindfulness (an in-depth study of the mind and its tendencies in the present moment), a good trading process, and an efficient business practice, I went from being a losing trader to a consistently profitable one. Through my work here at Trading Composure, I aim at helping you do the same.
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