You Are Not Your Mind!

Detachment is a quality any serious trader should develop.

You are not your mind!

This is the message I want to shout from the rooftops: You are not your mind!

Don’t believe me… just try this small exercise. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, let your breath settle (you’re not controlling it), and turn your attention within for just a moment.

Witness your mind – inner narrative, songs playing in your mind, images, etc.

The fact that you can observe your mind, and think about it objectively, shows there is a “mind,” and then an “observer of mind.”

YOU are that observer! You are the consciousness making the observation.

Now, notice whether the “you” who is doing the observing is actually feeling sad, happy, angry, frustrated, [insert any other state here].

If you’ve really tapped into this “observation mode”, what you’ve certainly noticed is that the “you” that is doing the observing is actually peaceful. Nothing gets to “it.”

Pure consciousness is not angry, happy, sad, frustrated, it doesn’t even feel physical pain. It’s not colored/ affected by anything. It’s just a witness.

[You are] Just a witness!

The thinking, the emotions, the sensations, all these conditions appear on top of the observer – they’re superimposed. And it’s the thinking (the stream of thought) and its associated emotions that you commonly take to be “you.”

But it’s not true.

Thoughts and emotions pop in and out of existence. They’re arising and passing conditions, arising and passing out of other *impersonal* conditions. Due to their fleeing and impersonal nature, they’re insubstantial at their very core.

So, tell me… how can they be that static entity you call “I”?

They’re just NOT!

This capacity to detach yourself from your mind is something a serious trader should be able to do at will.

Got it?

I’m sure you do.

Don’t believe me…

And I’m not asking you to believe me. In fact, don’t believe me. Do the exercise wholehearted and see for yourself if it rings true.

This idea is so central to meditation, and yet so foreign to our everyday experience that I have to explain it via a different analogy. And I’ll do it in the next post.

See you then.


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