Who’s behind Trading Composure?

Yvan Byeajee is the man behind Trading Composure. A trader and meditation teacher, Yvan also likes to think of himself as a ‘philosopher of markets’―his daily reflections are followed by well over 150k people from all over the world.

Yvan has been fascinated by financial markets since his teenage years. He discovered trading around 97-98 and began to trade for a living towards the end of 06.

The journey wasn’t easy; in fact, as he’ll often say himself,

I’ve failed a lot on my way to consistency and success in the market.

Despite those failures, Yvan never looked back:

Today I stand where I am because of my undying perseverance … most bystanders in my life have called it folly.

You can read more about his journey here.

Today, Yvan trades for himself and manages a rather large account for his clients―a close circle of family and friends.

Outside of his trading hours, he keeps himself busy by helping aspiring consistent traders go through the same process of internal transformation he went through to win the mental game of trading.

Who is Trading Composure for?

Usually, the content by Trading Composure is more appealing to mature traders who are:

✔️ Over the frivolous get-rich-quick phase,

✔️ Understand the importance of mindset,

✔️ Are serious about developing self-mastery,

✔️ Are interested in navigating the market with a tranquil and untroubled mind.

Trading Composure will help you with:

✔️ Self Knowledge

✔️ Market Knowledge

✔️ Probabilistic Thinking

✔️ Risk Management

✔️ Consistency

Trading Composure in Numbers

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